We love watches

We love them. We think they are hot. They measure eternity. As an accessory they are always changeable. They express the one who wears them because they tell a part of his story. They attract attention.

They inspire us to connect their endless story with the creative style of our time. Our answer- MIKE ELLIS.



MIKE ELLIS made it. He has the money and enjoys the pure life, every day: sometimes at one of Brooklyn's beaches, sometimes while playing poker at home in Harlem and sometimes while shopping in Manhattan's malls. At night he meets his friends in jazz bars in the Bronx until the break of dawn.


The way he knows the New Yorkers' fondness for things, friends and lifestyle, he can create his ideas. Those who are creative put them to action because they know MIKE ELLIS sets the mark, he is the trendsetter for watches, jewelry and fashion.